A Kick to the List

October 5, 2008

I have several dozen regular readers on this site; I’m not sure who they are or what drove them here and I know that 60 people a day does not a blog-star make.  But for those who are following the journey, I apologize for being offline for a while.

About a month ago my wife and I experienced the loss of an unborn child.  It was quite mellowing and if not for the incredible supports our families – both through blood and through the church – have provided I could see how so many people could end up in a world of hurt that lasts for ages when they lose a baby.

It is hard coming back and seeing things about family and children and growing our family as things that I want to chase, and I really wanted to make sure that this whole thing meant the same to me.

I know that we are taken care of (everything you need has been provided) and there is nothing on the list that will change the course of humanity or make my kids love me more or make my marriage stronger or even necessarily make a difference in anyone else’s life but my own.  Though I just started this journey, I need to make sure that I’m actually tracking somewhere that my kids can be looked after, that I connect with and the community inside and outside of my church life, that my wife and I find peace and happiness and where something bigger than pain lives.

We were so blessed to have the love shared with us as we struggled with the loss.  I guess what I’m looking for now is a way to share that experience with other people, and that in chasing this list that I actually find ways to do that.

Baby Chambers, you are with your Father now and I can’t wait to meet you when I get home…


Haven’t quite got the whole WordPress thing figured out yet (I’m a Blogger convert) so I’m reposting the list here so that my tags are in the tag cloud for each of the items on the list.

Below is the list of things that I am going to start crossing off:

  • PILOT: Get my pilot’s licence
  • GAME: Fly Angie and the kids to Calgary for supper and a Calgary Flames hockey game using that spanky little pilot’s licence I got
  • CLIFF: Rappel down a cliff I have no business being at the top of
  • BIKE: Cycle across Canada – coast to coast
  • TIGGER: With all the Eeyores in the world, I want to teach my kids to live like Tiggers by living like one myself
  • WALL: Visit the Great Wall of China
  • BABY: Hold babies in an orphanage in a third world country
  • FOUR: Convince Angie to have another baby (after this one)
  • COASTER: Ride a really big rollercoaster with all four of my kids
  • SCREAMING WIFE: Convince Angie to ride the same rollercoaster
  • STONE: Sit in the middle of stonehenge
  • DIVE: Cliff jump into a waterfall…again
  • SMARTS: Get a degree majoring in math, physics, or comp sci
  • ARTICLE: Write an article for MSDN magazine
  • ARTICLE: Write an article for MSDN magazine that actually gets published
  • BITS: Teach a group of high school students about computer programming
  • RINGER: Meet Rob Bell
  • BIG ROCK: Visit Uluru – which I always thought was called ‘Air Rock’ lol
  • CURE: See a cure for Juvenile Diabetes
  • STICKS: Design and build a house