Haven’t quite got the whole WordPress thing figured out yet (I’m a Blogger convert) so I’m reposting the list here so that my tags are in the tag cloud for each of the items on the list.

Below is the list of things that I am going to start crossing off:

  • PILOT: Get my pilot’s licence
  • GAME: Fly Angie and the kids to Calgary for supper and a Calgary Flames hockey game using that spanky little pilot’s licence I got
  • CLIFF: Rappel down a cliff I have no business being at the top of
  • BIKE: Cycle across Canada – coast to coast
  • TIGGER: With all the Eeyores in the world, I want to teach my kids to live like Tiggers by living like one myself
  • WALL: Visit the Great Wall of China
  • BABY: Hold babies in an orphanage in a third world country
  • FOUR: Convince Angie to have another baby (after this one)
  • COASTER: Ride a really big rollercoaster with all four of my kids
  • SCREAMING WIFE: Convince Angie to ride the same rollercoaster
  • STONE: Sit in the middle of stonehenge
  • DIVE: Cliff jump into a waterfall…again
  • SMARTS: Get a degree majoring in math, physics, or comp sci
  • ARTICLE: Write an article for MSDN magazine
  • ARTICLE: Write an article for MSDN magazine that actually gets published
  • BITS: Teach a group of high school students about computer programming
  • RINGER: Meet Rob Bell
  • BIG ROCK: Visit Uluru – which I always thought was called ‘Air Rock’ lol
  • CURE: See a cure for Juvenile Diabetes
  • STICKS: Design and build a house

Preparing for the Pitch

July 29, 2008

I have been doing a little research as to the topics that MSDN Magazine is looking for and how that aligns with my experience and expertise.  I have decided that I’m going to go after either Visual Studio extensibility or testing and debugging techniques, but I have also decided that I am going to contact the publishers and see if they have a more updated list.  It’s not that these topics aren’t a good fit for me, it’s just that with “WinFX” as a hot topic, I’m not sure that they’ve been maintaining their list.  Web services specified over WCF?  I’m not so sure.

Anyhoo…I’ve got some reading and expertification to finish before I make my pitch.  I have my MCTS for web and I’m going to write my MCTS for WinForms in the coming weeks.

MCTS Exam 70-526 Study Guide

MCTS Exam 70-526 Study Guide

Hrm…I’ve said that twice tonight.  Okay, here, I’ll write my test by October 15th. 

That will give me time to study up before I write, stay focused with my crazy-long-hours job and still maintain some semblance of a normal weekend break when I come home.

The book I’m reviewing to refresh before I write the test: MCTS Self-Paced Training Kit (Exam 70-526)

What’s interesting is that this will actually help me along on a couple of goals at the same time. By delving a little deeper into the tools – going beyond what is needed for daily use and transitioning into a teaching capability – I will be moving myself closer to getting my MCA certification. It’s a longer-term thing, for sure, but every piece of work that broadens my exposure to underlying concepts and mastery of tools, regardless of vendor, will help in my efforts to get certified.

In 2003 I submitted a proposal to MSDN Magazine called “The Depths of Regular Expressions”.  They accepted the proposal and had me write 5000 words (plus code and related projects) for an upcoming issue.

I worked hard, researched the topic intensely, got very active in forums and even made my first deadline!  Feedback was very positive and the editor said he was looking into placement as soon as possible.

About six months later I sent an inquiry as to the status of my article, which had not yet been published.  About two weeks after that I got an apology; my article didn’t really fit their current line of content.

I never did get a release so I wasn’t able to post the article anywhere else.  I also didn’t get the $150 cheque you’re supposed to get as compensation for holding up the article…but no grudges held.  Burried in my boxes of things I haven’t looked at in years is my first ever publishing contract.

So, I changed my entry in the list.  This time, I want to write an article for MSDN Magazine that actually gets published.

Hey…I never said the list should be easy.