My name is James Chambers, but that doesn’t tell you anything about me.

I am a father and a husband and am as crazy about my family as one could be.  For the forseeable future I am and will be a thirty-something who is trying to figure out everything from how to lower my impact on the environment to living better to God and who He is in our life.

I am a passionate coder; I write software, typically on larger projects, and I love working with computers.  Note: I did not say that I love working on your computer. ;o)

I work away from home five days a week but I try to be as involved in my kids’ lives as possible.  I have coached one or both of their soccer or baseball teams since they’ve played sports, I am vice-chair of the parent council at their school, and I make a point of playing with them – Legos, Nintendo, board games – at least a little every day that I am with them.  There is nothing more that I enjoy more than reading to them, except for the fact that now they are starting to read to me.

My wife is an incredible woman, beautiful inside and out, and supports me in all the endeavours I take on.  Together we cook, clean, travel, camp, grow, live, learn, love and dream.  We are raising two helplessly adorable children with a third on the way.

I am blessed to have a wonderful wife, a healthy family, a new baby on the way and many opinions.


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