First Flight

August 26, 2008

Families is where our nation finds hope, where wings take dream. – George W. Bush

I’m not quite sure what he was trying to say, but I image he was suggesting that you find happiness in your family and in spending quality time with them.  I’ll let the pictures talk here…


Two very excited man cubs.

Me at the controls.

Houston, we have lift off!

So my first flight was AMAZING and from what I understand, any flying club in North America that sports Cessna trainers will give you a good deal on your first flight, so give it a whirl.  It was about $80 and they let me take the kids.

Nothing sounds sweeter than listening to a six year old say, “Andy, do you copy? Over!” and a 4 year old chime in with “Xray Bravo Brovo Grover”.  Hilarious!  Bringing the kids was great and they really were brave, considering how loud the plane is, with them knowing that we were going up so high…actually, what calmed them down was Angie telling them that it was just like our van, only with wings.  They loved the headsets, so that helped too.

As we got about 100 feet off the ground my instructor handed me the controls and I flew, right up until we were lined back up with the runway.  I had a blast flying over the city and the kids were thrilled to pick out the likes of Canadian Tire, Sobey’s and the Keystone Centre.


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