Fun Fun Fun Fun FUN

August 9, 2008

Bouncing along the path of Tigger Saturdays we took the boys up to Clear Lake for a much needed family time.  The whole day was unplanned.  We didn’t know at 10am if we were going, we didn’t know at 11am where we were going, we didn’t know at noon if we were staying for supper…it was awesome.

So. Incredibly. Laid back.

And, as it turns out, if you just let things happen, things happen!

After a great day on the beach, we retreated to a day-camp site and had a hot dog roast with the kids.  Of course, my beautiful fun-loving wife brought all the fixin’s for smores and we sat and just enjoyed the evening.  We doubled back along the main beach pathway to a sprawling play structure and ran with the kids for over an hour, the park session culminating with a brief, but intense, swinging competition.

On our way back to the van Angie suggested we go sit by the beach again and possibly take a stroll down the boardwalk out onto the pier.  At this point I wasn’t terribly interested – it was making for a long day – but I knew also that this was our family day and we really do enjoy walks with the kids.

Sure enough, the kids were eager and willing and we were on our way.

As we approached the pier we noticed a crowd had formed on the beach and there were speakers set up and a group of what appeared to be folk singers.  This was great!  We were rewarded for our family time by unique, memorable experiences! Who’d of thought!

But, it got even better still.  As we folded ourselves onto the beach and into the crowd we realized that those weren’t just any old folk singers, it was freekin’ FRED PENNER and friends.  Before I knew it, we were singing about how much we loved sandwiches with 400+ total strangers.  What a blast!

The concert was all part of a series of events going on in the park, and Fred Penner was acutally a guest at that evening’s RMNP Camp Fire Session.  We were treated to some great music about the park, learned more about the bio-region/bio-sphere we were in and about the ecosystems that exist throughout Riding Mountain.

Oh, and a folk-looking white guy tried to rap.  His harmonica-toting caucasian sidekick was the beat box.  It was awesome.

We wrapped up on the beach a little early and made our way back to the van.  Brandon reminded us of a promise to squeeze in a game of mini golf, so we busted it down to Onanole and snuck in under the closing wire.

The owner basically let us play a free game and gave the kids freezies.

The whole day was like God smiling on us. 

Two passed out children needed to be carried up to their beds wearing beach clothes and already mid-snore…


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