Finding a Groove

August 4, 2008

This week I will be moving to my new apartment in Winnipeg, which is about 11km from work.  I do this on my bike and I have altered my route to include a couple of extra kilometre around the river, bringing my round-trip excursion on a daily basis to about 30km.

Combined with a weekend ride of 50km, I will now be doing a good solid 200km+ every week.

I participated in a 100km bike ride last summer and recently received an email saying that it was on again later this year.  Last year I completed the ride (on adrenaline) in about four hours, including stops.  In the year since that trip, and in preparation for my tour with the Biking For a Cure team, I have cycled over 8,000 kms! I should be in much better shape to do this ride.

The Century Bike Ride for Diabetes benefits the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation and last year raised over $20,000 with only 40 riders (if you were wondering, I placed 36th).  I will try to find more information as to weather or not I can accept donations online and will post details if I find that to be true.


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