Why I have two ARTICLEs on my list

July 26, 2008

In 2003 I submitted a proposal to MSDN Magazine called “The Depths of Regular Expressions”.  They accepted the proposal and had me write 5000 words (plus code and related projects) for an upcoming issue.

I worked hard, researched the topic intensely, got very active in forums and even made my first deadline!  Feedback was very positive and the editor said he was looking into placement as soon as possible.

About six months later I sent an inquiry as to the status of my article, which had not yet been published.  About two weeks after that I got an apology; my article didn’t really fit their current line of content.

I never did get a release so I wasn’t able to post the article anywhere else.  I also didn’t get the $150 cheque you’re supposed to get as compensation for holding up the article…but no grudges held.  Burried in my boxes of things I haven’t looked at in years is my first ever publishing contract.

So, I changed my entry in the list.  This time, I want to write an article for MSDN Magazine that actually gets published.

Hey…I never said the list should be easy.

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