Starting Over

July 26, 2008

My wife and I have been talking about what it is we really want to do in life.  Big things.  I mean, there are things you want to do every day, like being a good parent, eating right, being a good neighbour (and everyone is your neighbour).  But those things are who you are, every day.

When I was a kid I made a list of things I wanted to do.  At first, it was things like riding a horse, or seeing Mount Rushmore, but it started to grow.  I had becoming an astronaut on the list, sky diving and more.

My list has changed – significantly, I might add – but Angie and I have decided that we are going to live our lives in such a way that we can be the people we want to be – good parents, good neighbours – and do the things that we had abandoned as unachievable.

So, today, I’m making a new start.  I have added a page to the site called The List.  I don’t yet have the courage to set a date for having these things completed, but I will get to that soon.

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